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Food Ordering Online - Designed in Education
Foodie is an online food ordering system for food departments in schools
Does someone at your school still add up every gram of flour, every carrot, and every drop of vanilla essence used by every student for every class, every week?
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How long does it take you to do your food orders?

...25 seconds later, and we've ordered ingredients for 20 students doing 2 different recipes!

Key Features

...and we are always happy to receive feature requests to make Foodie even better!
But I want chocolate coated Anzacs! can customise the predefined recipes for particular classes

Package inclusions

My students want to prepare their own custom recipes.

Simple, fast, cost effective!

Teachers and food assistants can access the online system anywhere, anytime and with the in-built timetable and recipe ingredient lists, can simply click to select the number of students and recipe to be made for each practical session.

Student design folios can also be created quickly and easily, taking away the stress and hassle of allowing students to choose their own recipes!

Foodie offers a seamless solution which saves countless hours of tedious work. It has come about from needs which all food departments have. It provides a streamlined approach to food ordering which not only saves these countless hours, but has been proven to reduce costs in the department by preventing wastage caused by over-ordering.

To end the wasted hours of adding up quantities, contact us at
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